What is IELTS Grader?

IELTS Grader is an online test prep application that can help you transform your IELTS Writing score through instant scoring & feedback, expert evaluations, test simulation mode, and other powerful features! Select a prompt from our list of actual IELTS questions, and either take your time to write a response or use the countdown clock in Test Mode. Once you’re satisfied with your essay, a simple click will show you how your response scored against the IELTS rubric. You can further edit the response to try to improve your score based on our automatic feedback, or send it to our experts for review—they’ll send you detailed pointers on what you should do to get the best IELTS Writing score you can!

Who created this product?

IELTS Grader was created by Intelligent Machines Lab (IML). Learn more: https://intelligentmachineslab.com/

How does Instant Scoring work?

IELTS Grader uses advanced language technology that comprehensively assess your IELTS essay and then provide you with a score immediately after you press the submit button. This allows you to have an idea of what your essay would score in the real exam. This technology has been developed by our excellent team of computational linguistics, artificial intelligence, and English language learning experts.

How do I submit feedback or ask a question that has not been covered above?

We would be excited to hear from you! Please email us: support@IELTSgrader.ai

How is the confidentiality of my submissions ensured?

IELTS Grader is committed to user privacy and will never share your personal data or information with any third parties. Everything that you enter in our system is treated as confidential material.

How does IELTS Grader work?

Once you sign up for IELTS Grader, you can start practicing. After logging in, please follow these instructions: --Please click on any prompt that you would like to write about --Once you click on the prompt, you can choose either Practice or Test mode --Once you do that, then you will see the prompt on the left side. On the right side, you will see a white box. That is where you can type in your answer to the prompt --Once you are finished with your answer, then you can please click on the "Show me my score" button on the bottom right of the page

Why do people take the IELTS exam?

People typically take the IELTS exam to pursue educational or professional opportunities.

What kinds of Tasks are covered?

Currently, we have several prompts for Task 2, all previously used on actual IELTS exams. Task 1 prompts will be coming soon!

Who provides the Expert Evaluations?

IELTS Grader has a team of English language experts who apply their mastery of English writing to scoring your essay based on the IELTS rubric. They’ve reviewed thousands of essays, so they’re able to give very authoritative scores. They use their deep expertise to thoroughly review your essays and provide detailed feedback that points out what you’re doing well and where you need to improve in order to raise your IELTS band score. Click here to see a sample of an Expert Evaluation.

How many users do you have?

IELTS Grader has over 40,000 users from around the world, including countries like China, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam.


Is IELTS Grader free?

IELTS Grader has both free and paid plans. Please visit our Plans & Pricing Section to learn more.

Can I request a refund?

No refunds are provided.

There was a problem processing my transaction with Stripe, but the transaction still shows up in my bank account. Will I be charged?

No. If you received an email from Stripe notifying you that your transaction was cancelled, you will not be charged for this transaction. If your bank statement shows that the purchase is pending, the amount may be on an authorization hold and will disappear from your statement within 30 days.


I did not receive my login credentials. How do I know if I have been registered?

You should receive a verification e-mail from us almost immediately after registering. If you cannot find this e-mail, please check your junk or spam folders. To prevent our e-mail from being intercepted as junk in future, please add Support@IELTSgrader.ai to your contacts or “safe senders” list. If you can’t find the email, click Resend Verification Email on the Login page. If the problem persists, please write to us at Support@IELTSgrader.AI

For how long is my account and subscription valid?

Your account never expires (unless you cancel it). In terms of your subscriptions, it depends on your plan. Please visit our Pricing Section to learn more.

Is there a limit on how many subscriptions that I can purchase?

There is no limit on the number of subscriptions in any amount of time!

Can I set time limits with IELTS Grader?

Yes, IELTS Grader has a Test Simulation Mode, which will enable you to be timed while writing your response.